5 Best Telescopic Ladder To Buy In India (2022)

Telescopic ladder- As per the name, these are a more adaptable, portable, and efficient alternative to regular ladders. These new features have made it easier for consumers to do their tasks more quickly and efficiently. Telescopic ladders, as compared to traditional adjustable/extension ladders, are used with unique technology to extend and lock by the foot to a user’s preferred height, making them highly adaptable.

best telescopic ladder in India

Despite this, they are strong enough to support a person’s weight while climbing on them. Aluminum Telescopic extensible ladders were designed to satisfy the demands of those who need a ladder that can be folded and transported easily from one location to another since they are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and are fairly light in weight.

Some of them may even fit into a carry bag. Apart from that, it is simple to fold and keep in a car trunk. Telescopic ladders are space-saving ladders that may be utilized in both business and residential settings.

Moreover, If we talk about its safety measures, then ladders’ safety requirements have significantly increased over previous versions, and they provide for this by offering people need that make work safer, more efficient, and more pleasant especially in the workspace. As it cannot be denied that everyone loves their fruitful life and no one wants to put their health in danger by using a tool that may result in a serious fall.

If you’re looking for the best telescopic ladder in India under your budget then this post is for you because a telescopic ladder can be used for both household and commercial purposes. If you made your mind to make a purchase then you must think about a number of things, including the following:

  • Material: Aluminum 6063 T5 Grade is used to construct this Telescopic Extension ladder. The thickness of the aluminum is 1.5 mm, and the distance between the steps is 29.5 cm. It can be folded, saving space and making it convenient to travel.
  • Height: A 12-foot ladder will sufficient for most household chores; however, some tasks may require a 15-foot ladder. So, you must order the ladder according to your height and need.
  • Weighing Capacity: According to my study of different manufacturers, the majority of telescoping ladders have a maximum weight restriction of 100kg – 150kg. Telescopic ladders are extremely safe if they are certified to EN131. If you acquire an EN131 ladder, the vendor should be able to provide you with a compliance certificate. Check the weight limit on the ladder to verify it can support you appropriately and safely.

We’ve done a lot of research to provide you with the Top 5 Telescopic Ladder To buy In India. This page also includes a detailed “Buying Guide” OR “Frequently Asked Questions” that might assist you in selecting the ideal ladder for you.

List of 5 Best Telescopic Ladder In India (2022)

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 extendable step ladders for you. We have gathered this information on basis of the pros and cons of each product. So, our suggestions are based on comprehensive product research and include a variety of ladder strengths.

1. EQUAL Portable Telescopic Ladder (15ft)

best telescopic ladder in India

Extendable Aluminium Double Telescopic Ladder can be used for multiple tasks. The extendable step ladder allows you to change the height from small to extended (3 ft to 15 ft), and the A-Type height is 7.5 feet. With storage straps, it’s simple to expand and retract, making it easy to use, store, and transport (18.5Kg).

The ladder is lightweight and small, making it easy to travel and store; a heavy-duty locking strap holds the ladder securely in position, and the grip handle allows you to carry it with a single hand. Anti-slip steps and rubber feet have been installed to preserve the inside flooring while also providing optimal safety.

Each component of the folding ladder extends and pulls back safely thanks to its high-quality construction. The ladder will fold gently and slowly, thanks to intelligent locking pins that keep the pieces in place and prevent slipping.


  • The weight capability of the ladder is 150kg.
  • EN131 certified for safety.
  • It’s made of an aerospace-engineered 6063 aluminum alloy.
  • Lightweight and small in size, making it simple to travel and store.
  • Warranty policy one year


  • There’s a chance of an accident if the latches aren’t properly locked.


2. Inditradition Ultra-Stable Folding Step Ladder (8.5 ft)

best telescopic ladder in India

This extendable step Ladder collapses to around 74 cm in height, making it easy to store in your car or other small spaces in your home or office. To customize the ladder height to your needs, unlock each section in 1-foot increments. When not in use, close the ladder with the heavy-duty strap for storage and transportation. When the ladders are not in use, they are secured using a Hook and Loop Strap.

This extendable step ladder can be stored away beneath the bed, behind the cupboard, or behind the door, among other places. It may be used to clean the interiors, as well as for decorative and outdoor use. This folding telescopic ladder is portable and lightweight. These foldable ladders are easy to store and take up little room.


  • A ladder made of high-quality alloy aluminum.
  • Rubber Angled Feet Protect Floor Surfaces
  • Provide Excellent Grip in All Positions.
  • PVC shoes with anti-slip properties for added safety.
  • EN131 European Safety Standard Certification


  • Warranty not mentioned


3. Bathla Vanguard Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

best telescopic ladder in India

Bathla folding step ladder is a better choice than other ladders of this size since it may fit into a small nook or behind a shelf. Excellent quality, lightweight, and strong enough for the armature DIY. The idea of a folding ladder makes it far more adaptable in situations where a 10-foot bamboo ladder would be impractical.

The process of telescoping and collapsing is quite simple. When climbing, however, it is safest if just one person climbs at a time. To ensure optimum corrosion resistance, it’s made of rust-proof, high-grade aluminum alloy and precisely manufactured HDPE components.

Each extendable step ladder has an ingenious step lock that keeps the ladder in its expanded position while in use, preventing it from shaking or swaying. Designed to be used in all types of weather and climates.


  • Bathla Vanguard ladder extends up to 12 ft.
  • Angled rubber shoes with a special design provide unparalleled stability.
  • They establish a firm grip even on damp surfaces, which is designed to improve safety.
  • This ladder is covered by a 2-Year Warranty
  • Very lightweight and sturdy enough


  • We didn’t notice serious drawbacks.


4. Vantro Telescopic Foldable Aluminium Ladder

best telescopic ladder in India

The Vantro telescopic ladder is ideal for a variety of home and commercial applications, including house/building maintenance, window cleaning, interior/interior décor, painting, roof repairs, light bulb changes, and so on. The expandable step ladder is made of corrosion-resistant grade aluminum alloy and has a robust frame and slip-resistant rungs for a weight capacity of 150 Kgs.

It is also resistant to corrosion and rust. When fully retracted, the extendable step ladder can be simply moved about or carried under your arm to certain locations, and it is simple to store in your garage, shed, vehicle trunk, or under your bed. The bottom is bigger, non-slip, and wear-resistant, providing increased stability and safety.

Please unlock the steps from the bottom to the upper level until they are completely restored. Every step includes a double height-locking clasp that opens and closes independently to prevent your fingers or hands from being pinched.


  • Very easy to transport and move about.
  • Every step includes a double height-locking clasp
  • That opens and closes independently to prevent your fingers or hands from being pinched.
  • It also allows the user to easily adapt to different heights.
  • This ladder is ideal for both domestic and commercial uses


  • None


5. Corvids Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

best telescopic ladder in India

The A-frame Dual Telescopic Ladder has a Mag Hinge to change the position of the ladder, a stabilizer bar at the bottom and industrial-grade height-locking latches, and an anti-skid PVC shoe for unrivaled stability and ensures the ladder stays in its extendable form without shaking or wobbly while in use.

Ideal for any home, office, warehouse, godown, or retail establishment. In comparison to traditional GI ladders, it is too light and simple to use. The unlock switches provided for folding down are positioned and orientated in such a way that you will not inadvertently injure your fingertips. Aluminum has a nice finish as well.


  • The Dual Telescoping ladder does not need to be assembled;
  • You can simply unfold it and extend it to the needed A-frame or full-length extension ladder.
  • It has a two-year warranty.
  • It can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg.
  • The portable ladder folds to a height of around 95 cm
  • Which can easily store in your car or any corner of your home.


  • No negative points found


Buying Guide for Best Telescoping Ladders

If you’re still unsure about which ladder is best for you then we’ve put up a detailed buyer’s guide for the top telescoping ladders. You may learn more about this product by reading our buying guide. Finding the correct telescoping ladder is something you should consider carefully because of the safety factor involved. Here are some things to look for when buying a telescoping ladder:


The majority of lightweight telescoping ladders are constructed of either pure aluminum or professional-grade aluminum alloy. You may consider any of the telescoping ladders out of one of these materials, depending on your demands and requirements. If your ladder is built of aluminum, it is not only light in weight, but also corrosion-resistant.


You should know the purpose of this telescoping ladder as it is important to consider before making a purchase. for example, if you intend to use it for construction or other contractor activities then make sure your ladder can sustain your weight.

As a result, the maximum weight limit that most telescoping ladders can support is an essential criterion. Examine the ladder’s maximum weight capacity before using it. They are typically built to hold 130-150 kg of weight.

Maximum Height

The majority of telescopic ladders include the capability of adjusting the height. The extendibility characteristic refers to how much height you can adjust according to the weighing capacity. The larger the weight capacity of your ladder, the more extendible it is, and vice versa. The length of these extendable step ladders are typically ranging from 8 to 18 feet, but smaller ones are also available.


A portable ladder makes it simple to travel from one location to another by passing through doors and storing it in the vehicle trunk.


It is the most prominent factor to consider while buying any product online or from the market. So, you must see the safety rating before making any purchase.

Frequently Asked Question For Telescopic Ladder

1. How to maintain a telescopic ladder?

Well, these are made of aluminum which makes them corrosion-resistant. You only need to wash it off with a clean, dry towel and put it somewhere dry so that moisture does not damage its joints.

2. What is a telescopic ladder?

An aluminum telescoping ladder is a more adaptable, portable, and efficient alternative to regular ladders. These new features have made it easier for consumers to do their tasks more quickly and efficiently. Aluminum materials are lightweight but sturdy enough to support any load, making them ideal for use as ladders.

3. Which aluminum telescopic ladder is best?

There are a number of brands are available in the market but the best aluminum telescopic ladder is one that suits your requirement. However, according to me, EQUAL Portable Telescopic Ladder is the best option for you.

4. Are telescoping ladders stronger than wooden or steel ladders?

Modern telescoping ladders are constructed of lightweight which makes them strong, you can use them for long-lasting but no doubt wood or steel ladders are having more strength than an aluminum ladder but after a few years, these ladders lose their strength because of material.

The Bottom Line

Telescoping Ladders may actually be useful in almost many construction sites. Moreover, it can also use for household chores. You can always find them in a variety of sizes, styles, and patterns, and you can even alter the height of these ladders to meet your specific needs. Unlike a standard ladder, storing a telescopic ladder is quite straightforward.

The EQUAL Portable Telescopic Ladder is ideal for purchasers that need the greatest quality available. On the other hand, those who are looking for a reasonable cost ladder with a high level of quality might be going with Vantro telescopic ladder.

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