8 Best Towel Brands In India To Buy 2022

Wiping your body with a clean towel after a relaxing bath makes you feel wonderful. A soft and comfy towel is essential for a satisfying bathing experience. After all, choosing the wrong towel might result in irritations such as itchy and dry skin, bacterial infections, frizzier hair, and other skin issues. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 best towel brands in India to help you purchase them and protect you from the wrong towel selection.

Best towel brands in India

If you made up your mind to buy bath towels online, you will face the huge variety of towels that might be so tempered to choose. Because bathing towels are not only we need in our day to day life. You might have across face towels and hand towels while surfing the best towel online platform.

Moreover, the collection is easily accessible to men, women, and children for the most satisfactory experience. With the help of the unique collection of best quality towel brands in India, you may have a pleasant bathing experience.

So, without further hesitation, here are our List of the Top 8 Best Towel Brands In India. These manufacturers provide bath and hand towels at an affordable price. However, these companies are well-known for their exceptional quality and longevity. So, if you want to get the best towels for your specific demands and preferences, just keep reading.

8 Best Towel Brands In Indian Market

1. Trident

Best trident towel brand

Trident’s ultra-soft towel brand would be a valuable addition to your bath collection. These towels are made of 100 percent cotton and have a viscose border that’s stitched to perfection. It is one of the leading towel brands in India right now for various reasons. Trident has a reputation for producing exceptionally durable and absorbent towels, so it’s not just about looks.


2. Mush Towel

Mush Towel Brand

This Mush towel is 100% made from bamboo terry and brings elegance and quality to those on a budget. Every home should have this ultra-soft towel. This towel not only has an extra soft texture but also has a modern olive shade combination. Moreover, the durable fabric is stain and fade-resistant, ensuring that your bathroom towel appears brand new even after months of use. This towel’s antibacterial and anti-odor properties keep it as fresh as new after each washing.


3. Amazon Brand Towel

Amazon Solimo Towel Brands

Amazon Solimo towels are an excellent addition to your bathroom linens. Superior quality 100 percent combed cotton fibers assist avoid lint buildup and ensure towel longevity. Choose from the several color combination packs to discover a set that best matches your preferences and current home décor.


4. Heelium Towel Brand

Heelium towel brand

Heelium is a multi-award-winning sports startup that has a strong emphasis on safety and sustainability. It is an Indian sports brand founded on engineering and innovation with innovative products created from sophisticated materials. Towels are made of naturally antibacterial bamboo fibers, which prevent bacteria from accumulating on their surface. This fabric is softer than other materials and absorbs moisture faster.


5. Rangoli Bath/Hand Towel

Rangoli Bath/Hand Towel

Rangoli Bath Towels are made of 100% cotton and are designed to offer a touch of elegance to your house. These towels are beautifully crafted with distinctive designs that you will like wrapping around your body. Furthermore, this towel is highly absorbent, soft, durable, and quick to dry.


6. Divine Casa Towel Brand

Divine Casa Towel Brand

Cotton towels from Divine Casa are more hygienic for sensitive skin and allergies. Towels are made of naturally antibacterial bamboo fibers, which prevent bacteria from accumulating on their surface. Moreover, bamboo fibers are rapid drying, anti-odor, and environmentally friendly. These towels are rapid drying, anti-odor, and environmentally friendly.

7. Bombay Dyeing Towel

Bombay Dyeing Towel

You can enjoy your showers and baths with Bombay Dyeing’s fluffy and very absorbent towel brand. It is one of the best bath towel brands in India that is made completely of cotton. The super absorbent nature of Bombay Dyeing towels will feel fantastic from washing your face to cleansing your body. Apart from that, these towels are hypoallergenic and have a high level of absorbency, making them suitable for use in the gym as well as the bathroom.

8. Roseate Bath Towel

Roseate Elegance Towel Brand

ROSEATE was built on the principle of merging modern style with affordability. These towels are made of 100 percent cotton for maximum comfort and durability, and they will last for years. Every ROSEATE TOWEL will enhance your décor and preserve its color for years to come, thanks to its rich, bold colors. These extra-absorbent towels might be waiting for you, ready to do their job of pampering you.

The Bottom Line

All of the Towel brands on our list have a strong reputation in the Indian market for good quality, luxury design, long durability, and a fair price. If you’re seeking more articles, news, blogs, and updates like this, check out our website on a regular basis.

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