Best Sofa Cum Bed One Seater 3×6 Feet

  • You can use this folding foam mattress doubles as a sleeper and a sofa,
  • It provides you the comfortable seating
  • It can also be used as a convenient guest mattress in one
  • The Polycotton fabric and folding sections allow for a range of configurations
  • Package Content- One Sofa With Cover
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Size:3×6 | Color:Grey


Aart store brand provides you the different styles of sofa cum beds

It can blend with the existing orientation of your room with a little adjustment.

This sofa cum bed is nothing but when it comes to ease then it is a very comfortable couch.

The metal frame with a mattress is covered under the seating cushions.

Therefore, it not only provides comfortable seating but also supports your visitors with an extra function of a bed.

The sofa cum bed is so built that it can be used by anybody without facing any problem at all.

The light material and lubricated joints make it incredibly simple to do the whole process and do not require more than one person to do so.

It will add to the convenience of your room’s current sofa seating and also accommodate a greater number of individuals.

These Days sofa cum beds are in high demand as it comes with style and smart home décor with butter-smooth gestures, fashionable frames, supportive fabric, leather, or upholstery.


1 Dual purpose sofa: You can use it as a seating arrangement in the daytime and as a bed at night.

2. Space saver: You save a decent amount of space that you can use to decorate your living room with other furniture pieces or decorative items, as you don’t have to use a separate sofa and bed.

3. Easy Cleaning: You can easily remove the sofa cover and wash it.

4. Budget Friendly: When it comes to the budget, this is not only budget-friendly but also visually pleasing to purchase a sofa cum bed. You can transform it into a sofa or a bed as per your requirements and can be used to entertain your guests as well as for your nap time.

This folding foam mattress doubles as a sleeper and a sofa, providing comfortable seating and serving as a convenient guest mattress in one.

5. Material: The has a clever combination of a Polycotton fabric and folding sections that allow for a range of configurations
6.Package Content: One Sofa With Cover

Best Part

Aart store offers the perfect solution for guest bedrooms, studio apartments, playrooms, offices & other small living areas where saving space is important.
1. Material: EPE foam and soft foam on both sides. Upholstery Material: Moshi Fabric Washable Cover



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