Best Energy Efficient Washing Machine In India

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  1. Front-loading washer that is fully automated
  2. 6.0 kg Water-efficient and high-quality washing
  3. Efficient in terms of energy usage A 5-star rating has been given to this model.
  4. Guarantee on the product: The Washing Machine has a three-year warranty
  5. While the motor has a ten-year warranty.


Best Energy Efficient Front Load Washing Machine In India 2021

Color: White

Best Energy Efficient Washing Machine In India 2021 – Front Loading Washing Machine comes with Hygiene steam. It raises the washing machine’s cleaning quality. Diamond drum has a special “soft curl” design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that are gentle on your clothing. A powerful Hygiene Steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of the wash.

In addition, Its tiny water exit holes further reduce the chances of cloth becoming caught and damaged. It can also inform you automatically when it needs cleaning for maximum convenience. The Quick Wash programme is the ideal solution for your hectic lifestyle, washing lightly dirty garments quickly and efficiently so you can devote more time to yourself. Moreover, Fabric is less prone to get caught and damaged because of the tiny water escape pores. It can also inform you when it needs to be cleaned automatically, for optimum convenience.

A stunning icy blue LED display complements the sleek, contemporary appearance and provides an extra touch of flair. It offers highly clear information about the selected applications, making the computer far more controllable.

Important Features

  • Capacity– 6.0 kg fully automated front-loading washing machine
  • Most energy efficient front load washers (so you can save money by conserving energy)and have High-Quality material
  • The Ceramic Heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit.
  • Make your washing machine safe from children activities.
  • Wool Wash is specific for machine-washable wool for loads less than 2.0 kg.
  • Product warranty: 3 years on the product, 10 years on the motor
  • 3 Number of wash programs has been installed
  • In addition, it includes the following items in the box: 1 washing machine, 1 anti-rat cover, 1 owner’s handbook, 1 OT hose, 1 drain hose
  • Special features: Hexa Storm pulsator, magic filter, spin timer, Pulsator, air turbo, super dry, soak
  • The Quick Wash Programme is the perfect solution for your busy life.
  • Cotton Wash is for cottons, bed linens, table linens, underwear, towels, or shirts.
  • The model has received a 5-star rating
  • Last but not least, It has Delay End feature lets you preset a wash cycle’s ending time.

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7 reviews for Best Energy Efficient Washing Machine In India

  1. tej singh raghav

    Got it during independence sale. I had an existing top load which I bought second hand for 4k. It wasn’t working as expected to thought ot buying a new one.If you are looking for a branded front load washing machine, with a tight budget, then it’s a good choice.Pros:1. Available at a striking price.2. Brand name3. 3 years complete warranty and 10 years on motor.4. Inverter motor.5. 15 Mins quick wash mode, which has become our daily mode to wash the clothes.6. Initially size of drum looks small, but good enough for a family of 4 members. You can easliy use it on repeat with quick wash mode.7. Washing quality is good even in 15 mins wash mode.8. Spin rate is 1000 RPM, max. Which is good.9. You can inidividually select the dry spin cycle and all modes. Also temprature can be set independently, which are touch enable rather than tachtile buttons.10. touch and hold the spin button for 3-4 seconds after wash cycle, then again touch it to select the post wash sping cycle. It warries from 4-5 minutes.I also have an IFB 7 Kg front load, at my hometown, which is around 6 years old and is working good still now without any issues and below are the cons when i compare this one with existing machine.Cons.1. The drum structure of this machine is very basic. There are obstacle in the drum. It’s plane. Obstacle help in clearning the cloth more better way while tumbling in wash cycle.2. 15 mins quick wash don’t dry the cloth properly during final spin. I doubt that if it even have the final 1000RPM cycle sping once wash is over. We have to explicitly touch sping touch to have a 4 minutes sping.Though it’s not that much irritating, but this thing work as expected in my IFB machine. Post every wash, we don’t have to spin it explicitly.3. The wash mode after 15 minute is with 34 minutes. Which is for delicate cloth. in my IFB machine, in that time I wash my daily wear clothes. The daily wash mode should be around 30 minutes.4. There is not marker on rotating know to know which mode is selected. There is a bar against each washing mode which illuminate when the knob select the mode. Problem is, if your machine is placed outside and it’s well lit area, it’s very difficult to see the bar illuminate and know which mode is selected. You have to place hand on knob to block the natural light and see if mode is slected OR, you find out through timmer.5. The drain motor is quite noisy. My other machine’s drain motor don’t create this much of noise.6. The drum is not direct drive with motor, but using a belt. the conventional way, hence a bit of vibration during 1000RPM spin. It depend on the weight of clothes, if clothes are more, it will vibrate more. But not intrusive. If it’s placed outside, you won’t even notice it.I have no idea about other brands like LG or Bosch, but they are priced a bit on higher side compared to this one.The reason for buying this one is, I was getting good deal on exchange offer. For my old machine, I got 3850 discount, apart from HDFC 10% discount. Total, it cost me around 15.5K which I think is a very good deal.Exchange process on Amazon is smooth. The delivery boy just checked that machine is starting and drum is spinning or not, that’s it, they took my older machine.Installation was done on same day, kudos to Samsung for that. I explicitly called the Samsung customer care and request for installation. The guy came and installed.Next day the same guy called for installation and said it’s from Flipkart reference :)There are other options as well, like Midea on Flipkart, which are much cheaper. But the reason of all Made in China, and I have more confidence on Samsung for after sales support.Also, i heard negative things about Flipkart exchange process.

  2. Thiruppathi M.

    Well, I bought a washing machine for Rs 21990 during prime day sale, 6-7 Aug 2020. After a lot of comparisons, I went for a Samsung front load 6kg washing machine. In fact, this is my first washing machine. I choose front-load rather than top load. Bcz- it’s much better than the top load in many ways.Delivery: Delivered on time but the delivery persons were not ready to deliver a parcel on the 1st floor and expecting tips. I helped them to lift the washing machine on the first floor. Overall, the experience was not good. Amazon, plz take a look at these issues.Installation: It was done on the same day of the delivery. I called the Samsung customer support and they arranged a demo & installation for me. The service engineer was a very knowledgable person. Explained all features such as how to use, clean, and maintain the machine. I will give 5 stars for the service.Pros:1. Best in this price range,2.3-year comprehensive warranty, and a 10-year warranty for the motor3. Service is good4. Easy to use5. Consumes less water for wash6. The Wash quality is quite good.Cons:1. Poor delivery experience from amazon2. Inlet pipe length is short (1Meter)3. side thickness seems not as good as the front.

  3. Varun B.

    Absolute pathetic service from amazon. Faulty product delivered. Not working during installation. Samsung technicians advised to get it replaced. Amazon refusing the same and wants to send their own technician who are delaying the visit citing rains as a reason. All they are trying to do is exhaust the replacement window. Shame on Amazon. Will refrain from using amazon for expensive items. PatheticUpdate: The machine was replaced after too much back and forth. The product itself is great. Was installed the same day by Samsung. Has several modes which makes washing quite easy. Capacity is small and is suited best for a couple

  4. Ankur Bal

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Worked well for 3-4 days and then water started gushing out of the soap load dish.I wish I had gone for LG.

  5. V G.

    totally useless. installation service is just for name. Samsung is totally irresponsible for installation. What to do with the machine without Installation ?

  6. manish

    Good job by Amazon, the product got delivered on time. The installation was done on the same day by Samsung, they didn’t try to sell anything extra to me.Coming on the machine, I got the 6 kg 5 star variant of the machine. The machine comes with 3 years complete warranty and 10 years on motor as you can see in the attached photograph, don’t know why amazon has put the wrong warranty information here.The performance is good, and there isn’t any noise while it’s operational. I would suggest to go for 6.5 kg ecobubble wash or the higher variant, if your budget allows. This is the best in this budget.

  7. U. K. Gupta

    It is a good machine. Low noise. Negligible vibration. Washes well. The only thing to be noted is it’s actual capacity. While it boasts of taking a load of 6 kg of dry clothes, it is actually designed for a maximum load of 3 kg. This is clearly mentioned in the User Manual too. See the pics .

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