Affordable Fully Automatic Washing Machine India 2021

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  • Fully-automatic top load washing machine:
  • Affordable with great wash quality,
  • Easy to use
  • Capacity 6.5 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Product Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product and 2 years on motor


Affordable Fully Automatic Washing Machine Top Load India 2021

Size:6.5 Kg | Style name: Center Jet

Are you looking for the best fully automatic washing machine in India that does not damage your clothes?

If yes, bring home the Fully Automatic Washing Machine has features Center Jet technology – “jets of water” generate from the center of the Pulsator that improves washing effectiveness by lifting any clothes that fall down onto the surface of the Pulsator, preventing tangled laundry.

The Diamond Drum’s distinctive “soft curl” shape washes clothing effectively while caring for them. Its diamond-shaped ridges are soft on even the most delicate things, preventing damage. The Monsoon drying system draws in the air via twin vents, generating a tornado of drying force.

It spins quickly and forcefully to save you time, and it dries extra moisture by circulating air. The Quick Wash program is ideal for your hectic lifestyle, washing lightly stained garments quickly and effectively so you can devote more time to yourself. On Samsung washing machines, child lock allows you to lock the buttons so that the cycle you’ve chosen cannot be altered.

When child lock is enabled, all of the buttons on the control panel will be locked except for the power button and an icon will appear on the LED display. This is the best affordable machine and has similar features to the LG fully automatic washing machine which is quite costly with this one washing machine.

Important Features

  • Fully automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use
  • Capacity 6.5 Kg: Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Product Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on product and 2 years on motor
  • RPM 680: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying
  • 6 Wash Programs: Normal, Quick wash, Delicates, Soak + Normal, Energy Saving, Eco Tub Clean
  • Special Features – Stylish design, Intuitive LED control panel, Centre Jet Technology for powerful washing,
  • Monsoon mode for Indian specific use, Air turbo, Auto restart, Water level selector,
  • Moreover, Child lock safety, Power Filtration with magic lint filter, Tempered glass window, Diamond Drum for gentle fabric care
  • In the box components: Washing Machine, Hose Drain, Hose Inlet, Warranty Card, User Manual, Shutter (Rat Mesh), Clip Ring

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5 reviews for Affordable Fully Automatic Washing Machine India 2021


    After a lot of research I finally purchased Samsung and this product was launched in last year.I ordered this product on 20th June 19 and received the product on 22nd June 19 and availability of Samsung Technician near to my location I got installed on the same day within 4 hours after I received product.23rd I washed my clothes…. 6kg….. Perfect wash and stains almost removed.24th I washed my blankets and no damage to blankets25th I washed my formals light coloured clothes perfect wash with no damageThe clothes get 80% dry in normal modeIf you choose Normal+Monsoon (additional 15mins) clothes get 90% dry.If you choose Normal +Monsoon (additional 30mins)Clothes get 95%dry.In built child lock (sudden open of lid machine automatically pause)Inbuilt voltage protecterSimple and effective features.Perfect for couples and bachelor’s

  2. sandeep pratap

    How does it wash?The daily use clothes for normal wash ( like work clothes or casuals ) clean well come out smelling good and soft.If you have stains( like food stains and oil or grease ) you have to either use a powder which is High efficiency ( washing machine power) washing powder for it to be completely gone or lightly scrub with normal washing powder before washing.How easy is it to operate?It is very easy to learn how to operate, even if you don’t want to learn just remember two buttons power and start and it will wash clothes for does have advanced features like pre soak, delayed end and extended drying called monsoon dry.Does it take right level of water automatically?Washing Machine I think weighs clothes during the start of the cycle and sets water level automatically.If you need you can also set the water level manually.Can you run washing machine in manual mode ( if you can just wash or rinse or dry)?Yes you can.How are the connections?It connects to your normal steel tap with the connector supplied no leaks and the drain goes in to your normal drain pipe no overflows.Just remember you have to place your washing machine high enough for water to drain. the drain pioe on this machine is at very bottom.How much noise does it make?In an average house with normal noise from items like fan and AC you can barely hear it.In other words if you are in a noisy house you cannot hear it working but if you are in a super quiet house then yes you can lightly hear it.Does the machine vibrate ?If it’s placed on ground it does much time does it take to wash?For just one pant and one shirt it takes 36 min in normal mode and 25 min in quick mode– remember it also depends how powerful is the water flow .Can you wash a blanket in this machine?Yes you can wash easily a double or queen size blanket. if its heavy check the weight before washing.if you do wash a heavy blanket the quality of wash goes down.Should I go for more expensive machine with more features?simply put NO.If you need to wash more clothes or wash heavy items then yes if not this machine gives clean clothes as good as any top end washing machine.exceptions : if the washing machine has in built heater, front loading washing machine.Does this washing machine restart after power failure?yes.

  3. Rose seeja

    I was using semi automatic washing machine.The capacity was more and was able to wash al our cloths in one short.But in this I’m able to load just few cloths (hardly 1/3) of the space of the drum.because when i load more cloths,the motor unable to rotate and it’s just giving a shake. As a result no clean wash.suitsble to 2to 3members in the family.


    Honest review after 4 months of usage.Pros:1. U put clothes, detergent, and plug into tap and forget. It’ll do a nice washing.Truly automatic.2.wash quality is impressive3.powerful moter for rotation.Cons:1. A lot of water is required. This is a little drawback, as water is scarce in metroes.2. Clothes get tangled more.3. Takes a bit more time for the operation.Overall it’s a nice automatic washing machine. I m 100% satisfied.Wud recommend to buy.

  5. Vijayalakshmi.M


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