Best Portable Sit-Up Assistant For Fitness In India

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  • Easy to install
  • Super comfortable and safe
  • High-quality material used
  • Fully supported sponge grip for feet
  • Budget Friendly


Best Portable Sit-Up Assistant To Buy

This portable sit-up assistant is created for both men and women as it helps in training the abdominal muscles and keeps you fit as a fiddle. So, it is convenient for completing sit-ups on a daily basis, especially for busy persons who don’t have a lot of time to exercise.

Moreover, the flexible spring buckle on the sit-up machine may be adjusted to three different gears for each foot size to maintain your feet in a comfortable position throughout training.

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Additionally, it also comes with foam-cushioned grips, a solid suction cup, and a four-way adjustable height allowing an individual to focus on core exercise without the need for additional external support.

Portable Sit-Up Assistant For Fitness

This portable sit-up assistant bar can help you train many muscles in your body such as your arms, shoulders, back, legs, waist, and so on.

As it supports a wide range of training patterns for developing muscles in various portions of the body. Such as, you may do push-ups, sit-ups, lean over, lateral extensions, bridge hips, abdominal muscle workouts, and so on.

This Sit-up bar has four adjustable heights, making it perfect for those with different foot sizes.

NOTE- This is an excellent present for those who want to live better lives, especially those who don’t have time to go out to the gym.

Portable Sit-Up Assistant For Fitness

The notable feature of this fitness equipment is its portable and lightweight design, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go. You can take this Core Trainer with you to the gym or the workplace because it is easy to set up and disassemble.

You may effortlessly develop your abdominal and core muscles from the convenience of your own home.

Easy To Install- The foot perch is very simple to assemble at home without the need for any equipment. Simply find a dry and clean level surface, slide the spring buckle inward to change the height of the crossbar, and push the black button up or down to remove or repair it. Please ensure that it is difficult to move before you begin exercising.

Important Features

  • Made up of high-quality metal which makes it sturdy.
  • Also, have comfortable foam sponges for proper support of your feet for different sizes.
  • Sponges protect Your Feet from Harm when You Do Fast Sit-ups.
  • Helps you in losing belly fat by strengthening and firming your abdominal core muscles.

Highly Recommendation- We recommend that you use this product on the smooth floor since reduced air pressure can only be created in a completely enclosed room. It may be placed on a variety of floors to exercise the abdominal muscles at any time and in any location! For a more comfortable experience, raise the foot support bar. (Not for use on a rough, carpeted, or wood floor.)

Method For Usage

  1. Find a clean, level surface and wipe the floor clean with a towel (avoiding the space between the ground);
  2. Wipe the suction cup clean with a towel.
  3. You can use it on the smooth ground by pressing the suction cup down and then pressing the switch lock.

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5 reviews for Best Portable Sit-Up Assistant For Fitness In India

  1. Virendra Kumar

    I like the Air grip and strong Suction power. We can do exercise in a easy and comfortably. The best part is fix perfectly at the floor. This product is very useful for reducing weight and stomach. I am fully satisfied with this product.


    Since the suction power is good but needs to be stuck on a plain surface and not on any tile joints. If there is even a slightest gap/hole then the suction may not hold its ground.
    Overall product is good and value for money.

  3. Atul Trivedi

    The product is worth its price. Its pretty effortless working out with the help of this product because of how strong its suction power is, holding it perfectly in its place. Its also hassel-free, and very easy to use.

  4. Chaitanya Mehta

    Great product for them who are not able to go gym…. Loved it ❤️
    But it need smooth floor or tiles…
    At normal floor or over floor mat the suction system will not work….
    I am very much satisfied with this product ।

  5. Mitesh Golwala

    Fantastic product. Really happy to use it in my daily workout. The most important part of this product is it’s stickiness on floor without any worries of injury. Installation and dismantle is like 30 sec job. Using it from last 2 months and didn’t find any issue. 😘😘😘

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