21 Beautiful Wall Paintings for Living Room- Brighten-Up Your Home

Beautiful Wall Paintings For Living Room    Plain Walls Looks Boring and Paintings are silent Poetry!!   Apply Oversized wall art for living room   Hope You Agree With Us.

Do you really want to convert these empty boring walls to decorative ones, then you just need to show your creativity by applying beautiful large paintings for Wall Décor. We have shared the Wall Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Room in the easiest way.

The Living Room is one of the most important and frequently visited areas. So, it doesn’t look good when guests come to your house and the first thing they see is your ugly living room. Therefore, the Top 10 Home Decor Items For Home Under Budget will enhance the style and décor of your Living Room.

Beautiful Indian Decorative Wall Paintings give your visitors and family a warm welcome. Wall art for the living room that is unique and sophisticated brightens up the entire area.

It’s difficult to give an argument about which paintings or artworks are decorative wall paintings for living room. You must choose which style of wall art or painting will look best in your living space. This allows you to discover more about yourself, such as your art preferences and choices, as well as the artistic theme of your living environment.

Just keep in mind that you should buy what you like rather than something that fills a gap. Spend some time looking at some of these Beautiful Wall Paintings For Living Room ideas before you pick up a hammer and nails. Inspiration is on the way!

Beautiful Wall Paintings For Living Room To Enhance your Creativity

1. Elegant Peacock Abstract Wall Paintings

This Beautiful Peacock Wall Painting gives a sharp and vivid appearance in your Living Room. This decorative wall painting comes with Gloss Lamination that preserves the ink and gives a more refined appearance. It is water-resistant and easy to clean.

wall painting for living room
wall painting for living room

2. Multicolor Wall Painting

This interior wall painting is the perfect gift for your relatives and friends to enhance their boring Living Room. It has High Definition Textured modern printing artwork which is printed on high-quality vinyl.

3. Spiritual Wall Painting for Living Room

OM(ॐ) is the sound of a sacred spiritual symbol in the Indian religion. It signifies the essence of ultimate reality. The paintings add a spiritual atmosphere to their surroundings. The vibrant colors used in this painting bring about a spiritual vibe to it.
Wall Painting For Living Room

4. Modern Art Wall Painting

The Premium Cotton Canvas Framed is Printed with High-Quality Printing Technology to achieve a matte finished, sharp and vivid visual décor. This large framed artwork has a sturdy frame made of imported wood.

Wall Painting for living room
wall painting for living room

5. Lord Buddha Wall Painting

This Lord Buddha Wall painting has a detailed finish that brings out the beautiful intricacies in them. It can be hung in the Dining Space, Hotel Lobbies, to make it a visual feast to the eyes.

6. Vastu Wall Painting for Living Room

According to Vastu, there are numerous methods to give your profession the last push, one of them is having a Seven Running Horses Wall Painting in your home.

wall painting for living room

7. Hexagonal Wall Painting

The Radha Krishna wall painting has a lovely textured quality that gives the Living Room a rich touch. Radha Krishna posters and paintings, according to Vastu, transmit love and peace.
wall painting designs for living room
wall painting designs for living room

8. Multi Framed-Art Wall Painting

A perfect Wall Decoration Painting for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar, etc. The prints are printed with high-quality LED UV digital printing techniques on specialized imported Textured Sheets.

9. Animal Art Wall Painting

The complexity of human emotions has inspired animal paintings on personalized paint by numbers canvas for the above sofa wall art. This symbolism connects people to their inner selves, triggering emotions such as greed, fear, and strength.

large paintings for living room wall

10. Modern Nature Wall Painting

Get the best Wooden Gallery Wrapped Canvas Paintings for your Living Room. This canvas wall Painting is made up of using high-quality printing technologies which give this painting a matte finish. The frames are made of imported pine wood.

large paintings for living room wall
creative wall painting for living room

11. Panoramic Wall Painting

The Big Panoramic wall painting is perfect for home décor, and wall décor in the Living room. You can also present this beautiful extra large wall painting on special occasions like Weddings, Diwali, Christmas, New Year gifts, etc.

12. Motivational Wall Painting

The act or talent of applying paint on a canvas is what makes a painting attractive. Paintings with motivational messages have been popular for a long time. It can convey different messages to different viewers depending on the style and design.
modern wall paintings for living room

13. Floral Wall Painting

These 3 Set of Floral Painting give the new look to you boring Wall.  Inspired by the love for great Indian decor in a 3 Piece Wall Painting. It’s a perfect addition to every Rajasthani home. An appropriate gift for special occasions such as birthday, festival, marriage, anniversary

modern wall paintings for living room
wall painting for living room

14. Figurative Wall Painting

This is Licensed Painting of Art’Venue which brings premium quality artworks at affordable prices, to the home owners, art lovers, interior designers, and architects. Top and Fine quality materials are used to make it elegant

15. Titled Wall Art Painting

This is the Premium Quality Artwork Painting which gives an elegant and affordable look to your best grey for Living Room. This Painting will not fade for over 15 years because of HD quality prints with a classy finish

modern wall paintings for living room

16. Designer Gallery Wall Art

Give a personal touch to this beautiful navy abstract wall art painting by adding Modern LED light just above the painting to give the different look. It is a designer-curated gallery wall set of 3 artworks. All artworks in the set come with hooks and are ready for hanging

modern wall paintings for living room
modern wall paintings for living room

17. Large Textured Oil Painting

100% handcrafted by skilled artists on high-quality canvas, ensuring non-fading for more than 50 years. This Egyptian Wall painting is water-resistant. Hope you like this interior Wall painting.

18. Concept Grill Big Size Wall Painting

Framed on 7mm Heavy MDF Board art prints are ready to hang for home décor wall decor using hanging clips included inside. 3M Tapes are pre-installed behind each panel. This is one of the best wall paintings for bedroom.

modern wall paintings for living room

19. Beautiful Guitar Wall Painting

The Bedroom Wall painting has a Sparkle + Matte effect, which when concentrated under light creates a dazzling and amazing appearance on the wall. Moreover, You just simply wipe it off with a wet cloth to clean this beautiful Wall Painting.

wall painting designs for living room
wall painting designs for living room

20. DIY Digital Painting

If you like to do Cool wall painting and make the relationship strong between parents and kids, friends and family. Then you can buy Acrylic paints which are water-soluble. Use that paint to create a rich-looking painting like this.

21. 3D Wall Art

The modern Wall Painting Will Give A New Life To The Room Where It Is Placed. This beautiful wall Painting Is Uv Coated Which Makes It Dust Resistant And Is Very Easy To Clean. Adding This Painting To Your Wall Will Completely Change The Atmosphere Of the Room By Filling It With More Creativity And Positivity.

wall painting designs for living room
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